Vitromite Research House to Test Green Technology

Vitromite research house

This week, Vitromite completed a new research house at its factory in Norfolk that will help reduce the carbon emissions from buildings, which account for around a third of the UK’s climate emissions.

The building is a test bed that will enable architects, builders and developers to assess the environmental performance of solar panels, batteries, windows, doors and an array of other hardware and software, enabling them to test their environmental performance in real world conditions.

The three-floor house with a 56 square metre footprint is built using the Vitromite Build System from thermally efficient panels made exclusively out of composite materials, the majority of which is derived from waste glass.

Simon Parrish, chief executive of Vitromite said: “We have developed a new and better way of building. Using recycled glass instead of bricks or concrete, we cut carbon emissions which is good for the environment and eliminates heating and cooling bills, so everyone wins.

“The new Vitromite research house will help assess how different solar panels, batteries and glazing perform in a real house in real life conditions.”

Many buildings constructed with enough insulation to keep them warm in winter are stifling and uncomfortable to live in during the summer. They have limited ventilation and require excessive air conditioning in hot weather which considerably increases energy consumption.

Houses built using Vitromite panels have performed well in extreme climates from the heat of the Caribbean to the cold of Canada and the research house will help measure the year-round thermal efficiency of buildings constructed using the Vitromite Build System.

The house will be a test bed for technologies that are already on the market and for those in development and approaching commercialisation in a real house and give technology developers invaluable real-time data.


Notes for editors

The key aims of the research project are to:

  • Assess the energy requirements of temperature control and monitoring
  • Assess solar panel and battery performance
  • Assess air tightness
  • Assess integration with fixings and fixtures
  • Assess sound insulation properties
  • Demonstrate the speed of build
  • Accurately calculate costs

For further information, or to arrange a visit to the Vitromite research house, please email: or call 01603 266111