Vitromite launches

Vitromite launches Gatorbar

Following on from the signing of an exclusive distribution agreement with  Neuvokas Corporation USA, manufacturer of the Gatorbar range of composite rebar, Vitromite is excited to announce the launch of its website.

The addition of the Gatorbar products further extends Vitromite’s range of pultruded profile and composite system components.

Composite rebar has struggled for many years to gain traction against its steel counterpart, mainly due to cost and the lack of technical information and accreditation, however with souring steel prices, supply shortages and increasing scrutiny on aging infrastructure, Gatorbar is getting its foot in the door.

Neuvokas Corp utilises a proprietary manufacturing system to produce  it’s composite rebar that is price competitive to that of steel. Performance factors against steel include higher tensile strength, superior corrosion resistance, greatly reduced weight and no special tool requirement.

With an impressive and comprehensive portfolio of studies and accreditation in the USA, Vitromite is working  on accelerating the standards and accreditation for composite rebar in the UK.

Vitromite is now able to offer this high performance composite rebar competitively to projects where time savings, increased performance and life expectancy is specified.

With More and more specifiers and project designers looking for alternatives to steel, the Gatorbar system offers a more sustainable and earth-friendly product with easier handle ability and with dramatically less weight which in turn reduces transportation impact.

Gatorbar is available from Vitromite in conveniently packaged D.I.Y kits for small home projects to skids/bundles of up to 20m lengths for larger commercial uses. Bonded mesh sheets will be available from September 2021.

A range of bends and loops are also available to complement the 10mm and 13mm bar type.