Vitromite Approved Stockist and Distributor for Creative Pultrusions

Vitromite stockist for Creative Pultrusions

Today, Vitromite, the UK’s leading innovator and manufacturer of structural insulated panels announces its agreement at becoming an approved stockist and distributor of Creative Pultrusions USA.

Creative Pultrusions have 50 years of experience and a world-renowned reputation for the manufacture and supply of pultruded profiles with an unmatched level of expertise and experience in material and product specification.

Made from composite materials, pultruded profile is replacing steel in many architectural and building applications and is especially suited where strength and corrosion resistance is required.

With a growing emphasis on sustainability, reliability and reducing the carbon footprint of the built environment, more and more architects and designers are turning to composites as a material of choice.

Simon Parrish, chief executive of Vitromite said: “We see Creative Pultrusions as an ideal partner for Vitromite. They have an unmatched level of expertise and experience in material and product specification and their range of products is a perfect fit with our own.

Vitromite is now able to supply architects and builders with the widest range of pultrusion products available anywhere in Europe. Together with our Vitromite Build System, we offer a complete range of advanced composite materials that can substantially reduce the UK’ construction carbon footprint.”

Aside from one of the largest ranges of profiles, Creative Pultrusions offers complete system solutions. They have an excellent track record as suppliers of composite pultrusion products for cooling towers, power distribution and water treatment plants, sheet piling, sea defenses and bridges.

Vitromite sees that being able to offer an extensive catalogue of pultruded profiles in a variety of fibre and resin systems gives its UK customers more flexibility and ease in specifying and using composites in their projects.

Vitromite can assist designers with detailed performance data to help them evaluate the best materials for their projects and the new wider range of products offered means that they have a one-stop-shop for their design information to help them produce the next generation of high-performance structures.

Having an extensive range of profiles and shapes allows more flexibility and design options for architects and designers, especially when used in conjunction with Vitromite’s structural insulated panel and board products.