Vitromite pioneered using recycled glass to manufacture structural insulated panels

About Us

Vitromite pioneered using recycled glass to manufacture structural insulated panels and developed a complete modular building system that reduces build times and cuts carbon emissions.

Our Vision

The Vitromite team is passionate about the potential of modular buildings to meet the challenges of climate change, the housing shortage and the opportunity to construct buildings that can generate and store their own power.

Our expertise encompasses mechanical and chemical engineering, production design and project management and we work with our clients to innovate new and better building solutions.

It is Vitromite’s mission to collaborate and partner with material suppliers and technologies alike to reduce the environmental impact of construction, provide healthy, affordable housing and deliver everyday a product that has less impact than the one delivered yesterday.

Our History

Vitromite was created to exploit and accelerate development of a technology 25 years in the making.  Its team has worked and developed composite products and processes for over 45 years, originally assisting companies in product design and solutions for manufacture utilising composite material. Vitromite’s team is recognised in its expertise in an array of composite processes including resin transfer moulding, pultrusion, continuous panel and continuous lamination laminating manufacture.

One of our original concepts was to design buildings that were resistant to hurricanes and earthquakes for use in Central America which had been devastated by hurricanes.

This led to the development of the Vitromite Build System which utilises a composite structural panel secured with a series of pultruded structural profiles and composite cabling  – a process which we have continually improved and now offer to the wider building industry to build modular eco homes and commercial buildings that are virtually maintenance-free, exceptionally thermally efficient and dramatically cut climate emissions.

By utilising new manufacturing techniques, Vitromite started producing structural insulated panels (SIP panels) by bonding advanced composite materials around an extruded glass and polymer core to make a stronger, lighter and thermally efficient panel.

Our Facilities

Our  5600 m2 facility at the Scottow Enterprise Park in Norfolk houses our continuous production line, where recycled waste glass and composite materials are processed to create Vitromite SIP panels, as well as pultrusion lines to produce our continuous linear profiles.

Our automated manufacturing process allows greater precision and means that we can ‘print’ panels to your exact specifications from your CAD drawings or building information modelling (BIM) files.

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