Vitromite's range of panel, boards, profiles and components can be used to create virtually any building or project where traditional materials such as wood, brick and concrete have been the traditional materials of choice.

Aside from the main products that Vitromite offers as a system, our product range offers the architect, designer, builder or DIY person, the components to construct whatever they wish to. Whether it is building an extension to a home, a shed for the garden, a retaining wall for the property bank, or the structural form for a swimming pool, the possibilities are endless.

More and more our products are being sought as a solution to the limited and failing performances of inadequate materials. Do you have an idea? Let us work with you to build that idea into a project.

Conservatory Bases

Vitromite’s conservatory bases offer a fast and permanent structure on which to build.

All conservatory bases start with a foundation. The Vitromite conservatory base system consists of two parts depending on the project requirements.

Part one is the wall and connecting components. The walls are fixed to your poured concrete slab with a series of fixings and profiles. The installation is very quick and permanent. The panels allow for many options of decoration both externally and internally, including brick slip, textured render as well as board and siding materials.

Part two is a complete base on which the walls and conservatory sit upon. There are several options that lend themselves to the Vitromite base solution, however the fastest and most efficient is screw piling.

A typical screw piled foundation with the Vitromite base and walls installed can be completed in just one day vs 2-3 weeks with conventional concrete with brick and block.

Vitromite conservatory bases are manufactured in a various sizes to suit all project needs.

Home Extensions

Vitromite’s range of home extension build kits are an efficient and cost-effective solution to all of your extension projects. Its rapid install and superior material performance provides you with a far superior building envelope to that of traditional construction, eliminating the need for bricklayers or other traditional trades. The entire build envelope is completed in a matter of just one or two days. The fast and efficient install has minimal site impact and is an ideal option in areas where access and space is restricted.

You can install and fit virtually any interior and exterior finish to the Vitromite panel system to blend in your new addition to any existing feature or finish.

Garden Room/Home Office

Vitromite offers a range of standard stand-alone kits for the DIY professional or tradesperson. The kits include everything needed to build the structural shell on which to fit out your dream leisure space, home office, annex, or any other detached building. Vitromite’s structural panel system is unmatched in performance and flexibility. It is the most ideal build system for delivering the ultimate free-standing space.

Unlike wood and other options of traditional material, the Vitromite product is unaffected by moisture and extreme weather. There are no worries of rot or mould due to water ingress or lack of heating during the winter months.

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