Vitromite offers a wide range of pultruded products and solutions to not only the construction industry but also marine, chemical, food processing, agricultural, civil engineering, water treatment, leisure to name but a few. Looking for a bespoke or custom profile? Vitromite offers custom tooling and manufacture of your own profile. Pultruded, composite is the logical material of choice when considering durability and performance in your project.

Structural Profile

We are manufacturers and stockists of a wide range of structural profiles, in a variety of fibre and resin systems. Profiles are available in both metric and imperial measurements.

System Solutions

We are approved distributors of other top branded pultruded and composite products offering solutions for concrete reinforcing, bridges, grating, walkways, stairways, cooling towers, utility poles, sheet piling, waterfront erosion protection, key heading,  pipe piling, decking, utility trays etc.

In addition to our extensive product range of structural insulated panels, boards and pultrusion products, Vitromite can produce bespoke panels and interfacing components directly from your CAD drawings.

Custom Profiles

Whether it is a complex structural beam or a decorative linear profile, our custom design service offers the capability to produce your own custom profiles tailored to your requirements, speeding up your production process while giving you the proven durability and strength that composite materials provide.

Working with manufacturers, architects and product designers from the get-go, we have developed custom profiles to meet the structural performance and price points they have specified.

We helped a window manufacturer who wanted to replace zinc galvanised reinforcements in their uPVC windows and worked with manufacturers who wanted to switch from metals to corrosion-free composite materials.

As composite materials outperform their traditional counterparts in so many fields, there are countless applications for custom made pultrusion products.

Whatever your requirements, we can work with you to develop cost-effective custom profiles.

Custom Tooling

Custom profiles obviously need custom tooling to produce the newly created shape. While we usually supply customers with finished pultrusion product, we also provide the pultrusion industry direct with both tooling and a complete pultrusion production line.

If you would like to discuss how we can help by designing and supplying custom tooling, please get in touch.


Custom Rebar

Vitromite is the sole UK supplier of Gatorbar fibre reinforced polymer (FRP) rebar for concrete reinforcement.

FRP rebar is superior to steel as it is:

  • Does not corrode
  • Up to seven times lighter
  • Extends the lifespan of reinforced concrete
  • Reduces cracking and deformation
  • Reduces labour, insurance and transportation costs.

Gatorbar is ideal for use in a marine or coastal environment where it has proven impossible to prevent marine salts from corroding the steel reinforcements embedded in reinforced concrete.

Due to its strength, Gatorbar offers equivalent tensile strength at a smaller diameter than steel reinforcement and is thermally and electrically non-conductive.

Builders’ Packs

For smaller commercial projects, you can buy packs of 10mm and 13mm rebar in 6mtr  lengths of Gatorbar from builders’ merchants.

DIY Packs

Gatorbar is ideal for small-scale DIY projects where its light weight and ease of handling are major advantages.

To help DIY enthusiasts and builders working on smaller projects like steps, patio’s, home extensions, conservatories and driveways, Vitromite offers project kits of 1.2m (4 feet) lengths of Gatorbar direct to the public by mail order.

For examples of Gatorbar uses, select the gallery below.

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