The Vitromite Panel is a multi-purpose, structural insulated panel (SIP) manufactured from composite materials to enhance build speed, product performance and quality.


Core: Vitromite’s structural core material is derived from recycled glass. Aside from this making the panel extremely sustainable, we found that glass gives us all of the performances needed not only in structure but also in resisting fire, mould, moisture, fatigue, impact, freeze thaw and thermal.

Faces: The faces of Vitromite’s panel are designed to resist impact and give structural performance in vertical and horizontal applications, such as in a wall or roof. Made from fibre reinforcements and performance polymers, we’re able to create a surface that resists many aggressors including fire, chemical, wear and impact.


Extensive testing demonstrates the Vitromite Panel’s unmatched performance. From thermal to structural, durability and acceptability, it provides all the needed performance.

  • 60 Year Warranty
  • Ideal for use in Carbon Positive Builds
  • Extreme Weather Tested (+40⁰C to – 40⁰C)
  • Exceeds UK Fire Standards (BS 476 – Part 22: 1987)
  • Unique Hurricane Proof Integrated Cabling System (Category 5)
  • Ideal for use in Flood Proof Housing Schemes

Results indicate the Vitromite Panel provides at least a 35% performance advantage over a traditional build. Even under extreme weather and natural disaster conditions, our panel is not compromised nor is its performance reduced. Our products bring innovation to the construction industry.

Design and Construction

The Vitromite Panel can be used in a variety of applications, including any form of building in both single and multi storey featuring traditional or contemporary design.

Due to the use of composite materials, our panels are used in a multitude of applications where performance and durability are key. The primary application areas for the Vitromite panels are structural walls, internal and external, roofs and canopies, internal partitioning walls, floor and ceiling s as well as ground slab and foundation pads.