Extensive testing has demonstrated the exceptional performance of Vitromite panels and boards. The thermal and structural properties of our boards and panels as well as their durability and performance in extreme conditions make them an ideally suited for demanding application in numerous industries. Vitromites boards and panels offers superior performance against traditional materials in industries such as medical, food processing, science lab, agriculture, chemical, pharmaceutical, residential and commercial build, temperature controlled storage, transportation to name just a few.

Structural Insulated Panels (SIP Panels)

We manufacture advanced composite SIP panels to exacting standards at our Scottow factory, in Norfolk, UK. Vitromite panels and boards:

  • exceed UK Fire Standards (BS 476 – Part 22: 1987)
  • are extreme weather tested (+40⁰C to -40⁰C)
  • have a thermal efficiency that makes them ideal for use in green buildings
  • Ideal for use in Flood-proof housing schemes


Vitromite manufactures a wide range of composite boards that can be used in a multitude of applications including internal partition walls, flooring and roofing.

As well as our off-the-shelf product range, we can manufacture boards to your exact specification. As well as specifying the shape, depth and size of boards, you can also choose a range of specialist coatings. These include an anti-bacterial surface for use in medical, veterinary and care home environments; and an anti-ballistic coating for security and military applications.

GRP Sheet

We offer an extensive range of GRP sheet material widely adopted in many industries for its unmatched cost and performance in harsh environments. Industries such as transportation, agriculture, pharmaceutical, medical, food processing, cooling tower, highways, livestock to name but a few all use GRP sheet as their material of choice. Vitromite offers a range of surface finishes, colours and performances in both continuous roll and sheet form.

GRP sheet can also be used on its own and is especially useful where conventional materials do not meet fire ratings, weight regulations or the required impact resistance. In addition, GRP sheet has some other useful attributes: Unlike thermo plastic, GRP does not soften with heat; is UV and graffiti resistant; is corrosion proof and does not promote or grow mold. Additional surface treatments can be specified such as our antimicrobial option which kills bacteria and virus on contact without the use of chemicals or toxic substances.

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