Swimming Pool Modular Building

The Vitromite Build System is ideal for building swimming pool enclosures due to its resistance to corrosive and humid atmosphere, combined with excellent thermal properties. Our modular building system enables a robust swimming pool building to be constructed in a matter of a few days.

Vitromite was asked to manufacture a building to cover an existing swimming pool that could be designed and built so that it did not obstruct the sight lines from neighbouring buildings.

Because of the height restrictions, a segmented arched roof was agreed as the best fit for purpose with Vitromite panels being used both for the walls and the roof of the building.

The internal roof height starts low over the open pool area where head room is not needed and rises to its full height above the door entry and pool access area.

The pool and building were specifically designed to be used for physical therapy for a client with movement disabilities. A body lift was also installed to allow entry and exit to the water.

Vitromite panels were selected for this building as they are resistant to chlorine and corrosive environments as well as the constant humidity of a heated swimming pool. Due to the excellent thermal performance of the Vitromite structure only the water requires heating.

Vitromites structural wall system is rigid and strong enough to hold , large , heavy tri-fold doors without the need for structural frame or overhead lintel.


As the building had a curved roof, custom-designed panels were manufactured on Vitromite’s automated production line to the plan specification.

The architects specified heavy tri-fold glass doors that can be opened in warmer months, so the structure had to be strong enough to accommodate doors that weighed over 500kg.

The structural panels used were manufactured with class 0 fire rated facing which were then coated with a urethane, coloured paint system to decorate to the customer’s wishes. This durable facing is hardwearing and easy to clean, so ideal for swimming pools. The tailor-made panels for the 90m2 single-story building took just hours to manufacture.

Alongside the panels, all of the pultruded profiles and fixings needed were delivered to site in one complete kit.

The Build

Building a complex curved roof highlights the benefits of using the Vitromite Build System. The accuracy  obtained in our manufacturing facility means that all of the components fitted accurately with no secondary cutting or adjustment.

Additionally, arriving on site as a flat packed system meant that the restricted access to the site was not a problem as all of the panels and components could be craned into position as needed.

The Vitromite building was sited on an existing concrete footing, poured before the Vitromiite building was specified.

The speed of the build and the limited amount of labour required to assemble the building resulted in a cost-effective build that took just 5 days.

The Legacy

With the exceptional thermal efficiency of Vitromite panels, this building has proven that you just need to heat the water in the swimming pool to maintain a comfortable year-round temperature in the building. This feature is scalable enabling school and public pools to reduce energy costs and carbon emissions.

In addition, Vitromite’s resistance to chlorine, humidity and mould makes it ideal for building indoor swimming pools or enclosures in other corrosive environments.

This pool building has also demonstrated the ease of building complex roof structures using custom made Vitromite panels and its strength and ability to give structural support for heavy bi-fold glass doors.

Despite difficult access to the site, the building was completed in 5 days