Vitromite build system used in a School building

Modular School Building – Language Department

The Vitromite Build System provided the perfect solution for Reepham School’s language department - providing a robust building that was constructed in less than three weeks.

Reepham School in Norfolk, England needed four extra classrooms to expand their language teaching facilities. Their poor quality portable buildings had far exceeded their working life and were inefficient and expensive to heat. In collaboration with Tufeco, a design firm and advocate of new and innovative building materials, Vitromite delivered a building designed to the exact specifications.

We worked closely with Tufeco and Pure architects, to prepare a tailored ‘flat-pack’ construction kit that could be quickly assembled on site.

One of the attractions of using the Vitromite Build System [link to Build system page] was that it needs no foundations. This accelerated the planning application as, in the UK, it is considered as a ‘temporary structure’ despite the robustness and longevity of the finished building.

The new 400m2 language block consists of four classrooms which adjoin a central, well-lit atrium that gives students access to their classrooms. The atrium is wide enough to allow social distancing in line with the Government’s Covid-19 guidelines.


The structural panels for the building were made on Vitromite’s automated production line from the architect’s CAD drawings. Each panel was produced accurately to the architect’s specification which enabled the speedy fitting of doors and windows when on site. Absolute accuracy in all aspects of the build shell eliminates the potential for delays through incorrect opening dimensions for doors, windows and staircases.

The structural panels and the boards used for internal walls were manufactured with class 0 facings which were then covered with a 3M, high durability Vinyl wrap. The plain white and printed wrap meant that no painting was needed, and decoration could be modern, abstract and pre-printed. This durable facing is hardwearing and easy to clean, so ideal for a busy school environment. The tailor-made panels for the 400m2 single-story building took just  hours to manufacture.

Alongside the panels and boards, we also supplied composite pultruded sections to join the panels together.  Although typically the electrical services and communication wiring is distributed through ducts that are machined in the factory, electrical  and communication cabling was distributed throughout the building using a surface mounted service rail.

The Build

The ease of construction using the Vitromite Build System became apparent with the building’s shell completed in just five days.

Although there was a delay in the fit out once the shell was erected, the total build time was 20 days.

Days 1 -4

The first four days were spent leveling the site and laying the floating blind and floor panels.

Days 5-10

In the next five days, all of the wall and roof panels were assembled.

Days 10-20

Second fixing: the heating, ventilation, lighting, and finishes were completed, and furniture installed.

The Legacy

Reepham High School’s new languages department has transformed the learning environment of the students. It accommodates up to 120 students in warm, comfortable classrooms with good acoustics.