Vitromite manufactures structural insulated panels, boards, and pultrusion products which combine to provide a complete modular building system with everything you need to construct robust, long-lasting, eco modular homes and green buildings.

Vitromite panels and boards are constructed by bonding advanced composite materials around an expanded cellular glass core. This unique construction of advanced materials makes for a greener, lighter, stronger and more thermally efficient product, eliminating the need for less efficient and impacting traditional material such as concrete and brick. Our panels are joined together using a variety of pultruded profiles and sealant. Several of these profiles are not only used as interfacing sections, but also ducts for the distribution of services within the build structure. Our range of fixings complete the Vitromite build system and are designed to ensure fast onsite assembly of our panels and boards.

We offer a wide range of off-the-shelf products that enable architects, builders, and developers to design and build high performance residential, commercial, and civic buildings in a more efficient and cost-effective way than of traditional build.

As we manufacture Vitromite boards, panels and pultrusion in-house, we also offer the ability to provide custom solutions to bespoke designs.

Green Buildings

The Vitromite Build System’s structural insulated panels are extremely thermally efficient so, with modest levels of renewable energy generation and storage, you can design and construct zero carbon green buildings which require no external energy gas or electricity supply when in operation.

Extending the Building Season

Vitromite materials are not compromised by the ingress of moisture, freezing temperatures or outside elements. This extends the building season – wherever you are building. In temperature climates, you can continue constructing Vitromite buildings in wetter and colder conditions allowing you to build throughout the year. In tropical climates, Vitromite has proven itself as being suitable for year-round construction too. Our panels and boards have proven themselves in extreme temperatures and in tropical building sites, there has been no risk of loss from insects and parasites.

The Vitromite Build System is based on a structural insulated panel produced in a continuous semi-automated manufacturing process. So, we can manufacture Vitromite panels at volume and speed.

We can ‘print’ a 3-bedroom house to your design in 3 hours. You can construct it in 3 days.


Vitromite products come with a 60-year warranty, giving home owners piece of mind beyond that of standard 10 year construction warrantees.

Vitromite offers a more efficient way to build and extend homes using the best materials for the job. It is quick to build, using no wet trades, so construction costs are minimised. The Vitromite Build System offers a wide range of off the shelf products that give architects and developers a wide range of design options – and if you have any special requirements, we can manufacture bespoke panels and pultrusion products.

Our structural panels and boards are stronger and lighter than traditional building materials and have better thermal efficiency. They are an ideal component for green buildings and can help houses achieve a net-zero carbon footprint.

We have built a research house at our factory to examine the carbon footprint of a house constructed using the Vitromite Build System. The house uses solar panels and a Tesla Powerwall battery to provide year-round heating, cooling, hot water, and electricity without being connected to the grid. The test unit is continuously being monitored to truly assess its energy consumption and thermal efficiency.

You can find out more about how Vitromite is being used to build residential homes in our case study on Infinite Homes.

Pods and Modular Units

Vitromite's composite panel and boards are the ideal solution for custom modular and pod construction.

The extensive range of Vitromite panel, board and linear profiles are the materials best suited for the construction of pods,modules and industrial scale enclosures. Utilizing only performance composite materials, coupled with Vitromite’s unique glass bead core, the panels and boards deliver maintenance free performance in problematic applications such as wet rooms, bathroom pods, hydroponic and industrial indoor farming, industrial enclosures and build site modules. Unaffected by moisture, resistant to fire*, mold, corrosion, bacteria and impact, the structural panel and boards deliver performance and piece of mind to most applications where wood, steel, plaster and cementitious boards fail.

Vitromite offers a complete custom fabrication, build and fit out of pods and modules as well as build kits and individual components to a customers own specification.


School buildings using the Vitromite Build System are built to last, perfect for the demands of busy classrooms being used by hundreds of students every day.

While school buildings constructed with Vitromite structural panels are classified as temporary structures – greatly simplifying the planning process – they have the look and feel of traditional buildings.

Whether you are looking to build a new teaching block or just need to replace portacabin or temporary classrooms, the Vitromite Build System provides a warm, comfortable teaching environment and often more economical than that of using traditional building materials.

Because of the ease and speed of construction, it is possible to build during term time. The build time for school buildings highlights the benefits of using the Vitromite Build System. A 400 m2 language block built for a school in the UK took just 21 days from start to finish. This included preparing the base through to fitting air conditioning, lights, and furniture ready for teaching. If you want more details about this project, you can look at the Reepham School case study.

Park Homes

Vitromite’s panelised build system is ideally suited for the building of park homes. Maintaining the unique building regulations associated with park home construction, we can deliver a permanent, high performance home within the constraints of the park home regulations. No different from our range of regular home products, your park home will stand the test of time without the worry of inferior materials degrading or failing.

Commercial and Leisure

Vitromite’s team and expertise is available to help you develop your designs and give your product a competitive edge in your market. We can tailor our panels to your exact requirements and can produce at volume.

We have worked with architects, developers, builders, and fabricators to develop designs for conservatory plinths, swimming pools, outhouses and garages and the Vitromite Build System lends itself to a wide variety of commercial and leisure applications.

Vitromite panels can be manufactured with a variety of specialist laminate coatings for different uses. Panels can have anti-ballistic coatings for military and security use or anti-bacterial laminations that make them ideal for medical and veterinary use.

It is well suited to the demands of the agricultural sector where stables, pig pens and farm buildings benefit from its mould resistance as well as its ease of cleaning. These properties are also attractive to architects designing food processing and refrigeration plants, where Vitromite panels’ thermal efficiency also comes to the fore.

If you are building in coastal areas and below ground, again Vitromite panels outperform traditional building materials. There many more commercial applications for Vitromite structural panels boards and pultrusion products and our talented team is on hand to help you.

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