Vitromite floor panel is showcased in the Seismic II launch at BRE

Vitromite proudly showcased one of it’s floor panel products from the  Seismic II program, launched this week  at the BRE innovation park London. The showcase building  is the result of a collaboration to demonstrate a standardized component approach to the build and delivery of modular into construction sectors such as education and healthcare. Collaborative partners included the National Composites Centre, Manufacturing Technology Centre, McAvoy, Elliotts, Blacc and Tata Steel.

Vitromite developed and delivered for testing, a high density floor panel which could be used in place of the traditional method of poured concrete or dry board panels.. The Vitromite panel not only excelled in its ability to perform in the technical requirements, but also demonstrated its advantages of being a ready to install assembly component to such a standardized build methodology.

The construction of a demonstration build at BRE concluded the current program and highlighted it’s success and potential for how modular and offsite can achieve the efficiency needed to revolutionize construction. The modular industry is very much looking to automate its methods of construction through the materials it uses and the ways in which it assembles, much the same as Henry Ford had done with Automotive.

Unique to Vitromite’s structural panel products is the use of waste glass and composite raw materials. Aside from a wide design and performance envelope in which to choose, additional benefits to the modular builder all add to the increased efficiency and overall cost.

Vitromite’s floor  panel is featured in the Seismic BRE showcase, which gives great exposure to not only the product but also the use of composite materials and the advantages it’s industry brings to construction.

Simon Parrish , company director concludes, “We now have a great opportunity to not only bring the floor product to market but also introduce further products into the component library of the modular builds industry. Our structural wall panel, boards and linear profiles have great potential in this arena”.