Vitromite designs and manufactures high-quality structural panels, boards and pultrusion products with outstanding performance. With over 30 years’ experience, we provide off-the-shelf products or can design and manufacture bespoke solutions for your projects. The Vitromite Build System has been developed to enable exceptionally fast construction with no wet trades on site.

Expertise and Innovation

Vitromite pioneered manufacturing a high-quality modular building system using advanced composite materials instead of concrete.

The range of building products Vitromite has developed enables quickly built, robust buildings of exceptional quality.

Vitromite’s solution has environmental sustainability at its core. Our panels are constructed without cement from responsibly sourced materials and have outstanding thermal efficiency.


We have worked closely with architects, fabricators, and builders for over 30 years and have developed an innovative modular building system that meets their exacting requirements.

Vitromite has proven its quality, resilience and value in schools, houses and in commercial applications around the world.

Product and Materials

We offer a comprehensive range of structural panels and non-structural boards with proven design and performance properties.

Complementing our panels and boards is our extensive range of pultruded profiles and fixings.

Our state of the art, automated manufacturing process gives better quality control and enables us to manufacture to higher tolerances ensuring a perfect fit with windows and other fittings.

We can manufacture panels, pultrusion products, or complete build solutions tailored to your needs or you can buy standard Vitromite products off the shelf.

I have strongly believed that composite materials will become the material of choice for the construction industry. We see daily the failure of traditional, outdated materials and build methods. As a constructor and developer, Infinite will continue to source Vitromite build products as our product and material of choice.

Robert K, Infinite Homes

Benefits and Scope

Vitromite's products and build solutions are quick to construct, long lasting, and low maintenance. Architects and developers can offer a build time of just days without the need for traditional onsite trades and support infrastructure.


They drive sustainability and performance, to levels unachievable with traditional construction materials.

Apart from the obvious advantages of quick construction, the superior performance of Vitromite panels includes:

  •  Lighter and stronger than traditional materials
  • Resistant to corrosion, mould, fire, and extreme temperature
  •  Offers options such as anti-microbial properties and wash down clean rooms
  • Offers ballistic resilience options for military and security applications.

See our range of panels and pultrusion products.


Used from Canada to the Caribbean, Vitromite is ideal for building in remote and coastal locations and in extreme climate regions.

Vitromite’s wide range of performance options make our products ideal for many construction projects, such as:

  • Residential
  • Education
  • Commercial
  • Leisure


Low Carbon Footprint
High Thermal Efficiency
Recycled Glass Core


House ‘Printed’ in Hours
House Built in 3 Days
No Wet Trades Used


Flood and Fire Proof
Tested in -40°C to +40°C
Cat 5 Hurricane Resistant